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Lash Lift
Eyelash Lift
 Yumi Lash Lift 

This treatment works by lifting and tinting your natural lashes using a series of high quality solutions that curl, tint, and infuse your lashes with vitamins, antioxidants & keratin. Low maintenance & natural alternative to false lashes. No harsh chemicals. Helps promote fuller, healthier lashes. Results last 8- 12 weeks. Nourishing lash serum & under eye mask included.........................$150

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Yumi Eyebrow Lamination

Brow lamination helps to lift and lay hairs flat and in one direction creating uniform, fuller looking brows. Suitable for clients with brow hairs that are growing in different directions, wirey hairs, cowlick brows and brows that need to be lifted up to look fuller and more fluffy. Includes brow tint and nourishing brow serum.

Results last for 8 weeks ....................$75 

Yumi Eyelash Lift
Why Yumi? 

What to expect?

Lashes are cleaned thoroughly and silicone pads are chosen to suit the length of your natural lashes and the amount of curl desired for optimal results . Once selected, each individual lash is glued onto the silicone pads using a sugar-based, non-toxic glue. Once the hairs are evenly secured a series of nutrient loaded formulas are applied to the lashes. During this time you simply relax on the heated massage table with your eyes closed- most people find it extremely relaxing and its normal to fall asleep! ( lash nap- yay!)

About Yumi

Yumi is a widely acknowledged French brand known for producing extensively for the beauty industry. All products are distinguished by quality and safety and have passed strict EU regulations (even higher then Canadian standards!)

The lash lift procedure lasts from 90 minutes (depending on the exposure time of the compositions and the individual approach of the master) Restoration of the structure of eyelashes, its nutrition, and strengthening - all this leads to long, curved, strong and shiny eyelashes. 


Why YUMI Lashes lash lift's are so popular these days:


  • The volume increases up to 40%.

  • The effect lasts between 8 to 12 weeks

  • The procedure is hypoallergenic

  • You can use any makeup products following the procedure

  • Hair follicles become healthier and nourished

  • YUMI Lash lift prevents lash hair aging and lash loss

  • Corrects the natural shape of the eye and creates a "lifting" appearance

  • Natural appearance 

  • Allows you to wear contact lenses


There are a few precautionary conditions to the lash lift: 

  1. Individual intolerance to the components

  2. Recent surgery and eye infection.

  3. Alopecia

  4. Pregnancy

  5. Breastfeeding


YUMI Lashes lift VS Eyelash extensions:

  • Does not create a feeling of heavy eyes or discomfort

  • Looks natural

  • Does not have side effects

  • Does not require correction

  • Longer wear at a similar cost

  • Has only hypoallergenic components

  • Does not contain toxic glue

  • Does not require special care or maintenance

  • Increases volume and extends the life of the natural eyelashes


No special care is required after the procedure. You can enjoy the natural beauty of your eyelashes by tinting them every 4 weeks. By periodically repeating this service, your lashes will gradually become healthier and thicker. After the YUMI Lash Lift, hair aging processes slow down, and they do not fall out or break.

The YUMI brand has proven itself in the global beauty-industry market since 2008. 

The procedure is safe and does not negatively impact the eyelashes; the cilium remains flexible and strong.


If you are planning a vacation or regularly visit the pool - Yumi Lashes will help you forgo the usual mascara routine and remain beautiful in any situation!

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